Saturday, October 06, 2007

the stuff in between

It's been a while since my last update and I've actually started getting messages from friends asking me what happened to my blog and what is going on with my life... Really? People actually read this blog?!? I'm not fooling myself. I know you all come only for the pictures. All of these words are "blah blah blah"... filler. I know. I've even noticed that at times, Albert takes photos of what I think is Abby and me. Later, I find that the picture looks like this:

Is that the way to treat the love of your life (at least until this munchkin was born!). It seems like not much has happened in the last two months but I take a closer look at all of the stuff that's happened in between and I realize I've been delinquent in reporting the highs and lows of the last few months.

After my mother got home from Japan, we ended up looking for a more stable daycare for Abby and we found Mary Jo's family daycare. Abby has been twice and I have a feeling she will adjust really well to this environment. She will have the same friends the days she goes to daycare and Mary Jo just feels like a sweet motherly type.

Abby is looking forward to days when she will have greater mobility and freedom. We think she'll be walking in a matter of a few weeks but I feel like I've been saying that for a while now. Albert claims to have seen her first three steps but given that she hasn't made anymore independent steps in the last two weeks, I'm going to chalk it up to a very active imagination. Until then, I'll put up this photo which Albert will likely claim to be the last time Abby drives a car until she's 30.

Abby also had her first illness. She came down with roseola shortly before my mother came home and while Al was off on a business trip. She had a really high fever and ended it all with a rash that covered her body. When healthy, Abby is not particularly cuddly. She is more active / squirmy. She has places to go and things that must be put into her mouth. What I discovered is that when Abby is sick, she is the cuddly girl of my dreams... except that she spends the whole time groaning. She sits in my lap but is constantly saying , "oooooh" as if she were in excruciating pain. It was particularly sad when I put her down in the hallway, called to her from our living room and expected to see her padding along on all fours the way she usually does. When I didn't see her come around the corner for a few seconds, I went to look for her and found her resting her head on the floor. So sad!

She was better for a few weeks and then came down with a cold. I have to take the blame for that since I had a cold around the same time too. She has finally turned the corner and we're hoping for healthy days for at least a little while. In particular, I'm really looking forward to the trifecta of holidays starting off with Halloween! We can't wait to post the pictures!

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