Monday, October 29, 2007

Ain't misbehavin'

Today, Abby was entertaining herself pretty well so I decided to try and get some work in. I was typing away when I noticed that strange silence once again, and then a... "riiiip!" I knew that she had gotten into one of her books and ripped out a part of the page. I peered over, saw a piece of a pop up book in her hand. I took it and scolded her, "No!" I went to my room, taped the piece back in by which point she knew she had done something bad. She was following me around crying. I walked over to the living room and said, "Come over her!" She crawled back to me crying with tears streaking her face. I was ready to make up with her and I was going to show her the book when I noticed that right behind her was my dog, Aki. I forgot that I also scold Aki in exactly the same way. She came up to me with her ears pressed against her head, apologizing for a crime she was sure she had committed. I kept saying, "Not you!" but she was so insistent on making up with me that I just started to laugh. Abby sat on my lap while Aki laid down next to me and we read the ripped book together.

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Williams Fam said...

That's awesome-maybe you could send them both to obedient school, maybe?? ;)