Monday, November 06, 2006

Halloween Fun

Albert discovered a long time ago my love for the holidays. The holiday extravaganza starts in mid-October when I get my ghost lights out along with a little wooden ghost and pumpkin that says "Boo!" I, then, agonize over a costume and usually become too busy at some point to really think it through and then panic the day of some party we're supposed to go to. This is how Albert and I ended up as hula dancers a few years ago when we were in Boston.

Halloween Group Picture

Halloween 2001
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This year was a bit different since the pregnancy makes me too tired to party and the costume options become a bit limited - I could be a Mrs. Federline and Albert a big mooch. I guess I could also dress up as a cow since that's generally how I feel these days... and Albert a farmer?!? Instead, Albert got too busy with work and I poured my holiday enthusiasm into my pumpkin.

This pumpkin was no simple pumpkin purchased from Safeway weeks in advance. I naively went to 3 stores on Monday October 30th asking if anyone had anymore pumpkins. Apparently, people are not just competitive about getting their kids into daycares and pre-schools here in the Bay Area. Pumpkin purchasing is also something that must be done well in advance. Whole Foods, my last resort, informed me that they had been sold out since Saturday!


Ann and Pumpkin
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You see, people are just not as resourceful as a desperate pregnant woman in search of a pumpkin to carve. I scanned the entire store of Whole Foods after being informed that there were no pumpkins available. I found not just 1 pumpkin but 4 pumpkins on display on the top shelf of the bread section. We found some people to get a ladder and bring it down and I ended up with my perfect pumpkin from Whole Foods for $5.

I went home and carved it and the results can be seen here: I call it pumpkin perfection...


Pumpkin 2006
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UnSerious Reader said...

That jack-o-lantern is indeed a sign of perfection. Congratulations on the incoming little one! Ours is due on Saturday. I have no idea what I'm doing.