Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Abby

It's been two years since you burst into our lives coughing, sputtering, purple with anger and not afraid to show it. Your daddy and I were a bit startled to find such a strong personality in such a small body. You cried your first night home with us so much that your daddy bolted out of the house the next morning and headed straight to Pottery Barn convinced that a glider chair would be the secret to a good night's sleep. Little did we know that you were not easily bribed to do what we thought you ought to be doing. I would sing you altered Christmas Carols:

What child is this who laid to rest
on Reiko's lap is not sleeping...

and sometimes you would choose to cooperate on your own terms...


Lucky for us, you've grown into a happy toddler with an easy smile and a loud, infectious laugh. You seem to have a constant soundtrack in your mind since you're always singing. You probably know 20 Japanese children's songs and another 20-30 American songs. Your favorites include "Yurikago", "Donguri", "Karasu", "Hiyoko", "Sing a Song", "Sesame Street Theme Song", "ABC", "Farmer in the Dell (aka Apa chi chi)", and "Old McDonald"


You also love books. Sometimes you just love to turn the pages. Other times, you want me to read it to you or you want to read the story in your own language to your imaginary friends. Either way, we're always charmed when you reveal your inner and undeniable nerd by openly embracing your books. You're great with puzzles. We've bought you a few but you quickly master them and need a new challenge.


Your favorite toy is easily your ukelele. It's your prized possession. You call it your "GEE-tar" and you must have it in your hands when you watch the Wiggles in case the red Wiggle is also playing his red guitar. You love these stringed instruments so much you charmed the bands at the Sheraton in Maui, demanding that we let you out of the pool so that you could saunter over, inner tube still around your waist, to get a closer look at the men playing guitars. Often, if a fast tempo came on, you'd point your fingers in the air and shake your butt to their music.


You savor your independence - left unattended with an unlocked door, you would make your way out the driveway, turn left finding the path to the park and your beloved swing. Your favorite time of day is probably when Ya-yan comes home to Ma-chan's house and takes you for a walk with Aki to the park.


Should mommy or daddy make the mistake of coming at this time to pick you up and deny you your chance to spend time with Ya-yan, you would throw a monumental fit - so we're always careful to time our pickups carefully. I'm not sure exactly what you do at the park but I think Ya-yan lets you sit on the swing for nearly half an hour and then rolls around the grass with you. He also lets you walk Aki by yourself which must make you feel like such a big girl.


Sometimes I wonder if you know of all of the changes ahead. That you'll be joined by a best friend/foe in late April as we become a family of 4. That you'll have to share your toys with others. That sleeping by yourself in your bed isn't the biggest challenge you'll ever face. What I do know is that no matter what you're faced with, you'll put your brave face on (the one I saw you put on today when we went to check out the new day care and you weren't sure of how you ought to react). You'll probably try to have fun anyway. And if all else fails, you'll know that you have a safe place to return to where we can try to show you that all of the important things don't change.

Happy Birthday Abby.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to Abby! She is so grown up.

E said...

Hey you guys! You have a beautiful family! This is Anthony Esplin from your mission, Albert. We served together in Mooca. We made some great memories! My wife has a very elaborate blog. We will have to chat sometime!

Anne said...

I miss having Abby in my class. I hope she is having a good time at primary. She is so darn cute! I loved your Christmas card this year. You're always so clever.