Thursday, August 21, 2008

1460 days

That's how many days Albert and I have now been married. That's four years. I'd known for at least another two years that he was my ultimate partner in crime.


But after 1460 days, the inevitable happened and he messed up. Big time. Well, not really. He forgot the all too important wedding anniversary. When I nonchalantly asked if he knew what day it was, he stood by the door, mind racing, going through all possible holidays and special dates and finally got to the correct answer. He felt bad. Terrible, even.

And he made up for it. Flowers at the office. Shirt from my favorite boutique in Palo Alto.

The only thing is... I don't need all of this stuff. Albert remembers the important things every day. He knows how to make the ladies in his life feel important and remembered. From before Abby was born to today, we have many memories that are shared and treasured.

Here's one such moment for all of you who wonder how we manage to keep up our good looks...


1 comment:

Anne said...

This photo and hanging out with you the other night remind me of why I like you so much!