Thursday, August 16, 2007

We've only just begun...

When we got married, we were told that dating was easy but marriage was hard. People said, "Give it a year and the honeymoon will be over... reality will set in." Reality did set in and we found it to be even better than the honeymoon. It's been three years and we're still groovin' to our own beat.


The rush of getting married was in the newness of it all. I would repeat to myself (as countless other brides have probably done as well) "my husband". It felt so new and strange. Living together was wonderful and yet it seemed like we were still playing house. At year three, "my husband" feels familiar. Our little apartment that seemed so large before we purchased the gigantic couch and coffee table is cramped with all of our baby gear. Our household chores were never explicitly divided but we each do what we think needs to get done and somehow it works. We are truly companions... partners in all that we do.

Albert is my better half. He makes me a better mother, a better student, and overall a better person.

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