Sunday, August 12, 2007

Abby's "isms"

It's been almost 9 months since you were born and life has definitely changed. People often talk of milestones and I always imagined that they would be spaced apart... milestones, right? With you, they're all so close together I can barely sort out what's going on before you're onto the next new thing.

You spend most weekdays with Grandma Ma-chan. You love any food she makes and open your mouth wide for anything she feeds you. She knows how to tire you out with the things you want to do whether it's standing and cruising the furniture to sitting in a box banging on her pots and pans.
Your best friend right now is Michele, your cousin. She can make you laugh more easily than anyone else. You take baths together and share your bath toys. Michele has made frog hats for the two of you so that you both match.
IMG_0440.JPGWhen Grandpa Ya-yan comes home, you greet him with a smile and a wave of your arms. He sings you songs and patiently talks to you with a calm, adult voice. By the time I come to pick you up, you've had a full day of love and laughter. It's what makes it easier to go to school and think about things other than high chairs and blocks and baby shoes.

Last night you figured out how to stand up after I'd put you down to go to sleep. You stood there crying, hanging on for dear life to the edge of your crib. You know how to stand up but not quite how to get back down.

You now have almost 8 teeth in. You drool constantly - over everything. I change not only your bibs but your outfits constantly. You love eating. You eat porridge, carrots, fish, chicken, yogurt, peaches, plums, cheerios, rice crackers and peas. You dislike spinach and let out a scream when I try to sneak it into your food. You give an easy smile and giggle especially when I sing "Rubber Duckie" to you. You love to strike out on your own. Your dad gives you most of your baths. He's your most compassionate advocate and when you give your slightly crooked smile, you look like the splitting image of him. You want to walk - maybe even run but can barely crawl. You want me close - but not too close. You simultaneously love and fear ceiling fans. You have so many things to say but have a limited vocabulary of "bababa" and other consonant-vowel combinations. You hate sleeping. You fight it with everything you have but deep down inside, you know it's a losing battle. You love books (at least you love to try to eat them). You hate being held like an infant. You want to face out and see the world you'll one day conquer. You love Aki and you pull on her fur and ears to show her that love.

Your daddy has called all of my peculiar habits my "isms". You have your "isms" too. You're not particularly sensitive and you have a happy disposition. You're curious and loud. You snort when you laugh heartily. You wave your arms and bounce when you're happy. I know that as we approach your first birthday, I'll discover more of your isms and almost every one of them will bring a smile to my face.


Williams Fam said...

Hey there, it's Kate Williams! I love your blog! I'm going to add your link to our page, okay!? So cute on the "Abby's "isms""- Such a great thing to write about her-she'll have that forever!! I need to write more about stuff that Carly's doing and her favorite new things! Cute idea- See ya Sunday!
P.S. Carly's been working on her own growl, so watchout Abby!! HEhe~

Williams Fam said...

Okay Ann, I think i fixed the link, so hopefully when you click on our name you'll find it!!
P.S. We really should get Abby and Carly together!!

Unknown said...

great pics!
miss you guys!