Saturday, December 01, 2007

My birthday overshadowed

My birthday has always been shared. I was born on my older brother's birthday, November 27. So, birthdays were never a truly special day - a day to celebrate all things Ann. With Abby being born 2 days before mine, it has become even more clear that my birthday is but an afterthought. This year, Abby had 3... yes, THREE birthday celebrations. I had one small affair. I'm ok with that. Really.

Our trip to LA for Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. It was Abby's first time meeting her only great grandparent - Albert's grandfather from Korea.

We got to see Cindy, Al's sister, which was a real treat for Abby.

Abby also had her Korean style first birthday celebration. She picked a book (we're not sure how that differs from picking a pencil).

Our Thanksgiving was a delicious affair. Thanksgiving in LA for us means that the turkey is not the central entree. There is the bbq kalbi beef which is so good that you only have a taste of the turkey for the sake of custom and but the vast part of your plate is taken up by the kalbi.

Albert's family then came up to San Francisco for a quick visit for Abby's actual birthday.

I baked yet another cake and that was the end of the week of all things Abby... just in time for the afterthought that was my birthday. We have no photos of that occasion.

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Natalee Maynes said...

Next year Ann, next year! But speaking of Abby, she looks absolutely adorable at her Korean b-day party. ; ) If you only knew about the killer surprise party Albert has planned for you next year I think you would feel better....uh oh, always the blabbermouth. No pressure Albert!