Friday, January 12, 2007

Good Days Redefined

A good day used to mean a bike ride on a spectacularly sunny day and dinner in the city with a group of friends. A good day used to be swimming in Lover's Cove in Monterey or shopping with girlfriends in Berkeley. Who knew that good days would mean something so drastically different today? I had a friend who once told me that she and her husband used to do such fun things before they had kids and once they had kids those fun things they used to do were a distant memory. Instead, the days are filled with things they do with their kids but for her, this too is a lot of fun.

A pensive Abby

In a similar way, my good days are really good but in a different way. Today, a good day is when Abby has a solid nap when I have time to clean the house, catch up on email and upload some of the more recent photos. Some times, I might even have an extra minute to start looking at papers relevant to my research. A good day is interacting with Abby and wondering if what I saw was her first smile or not. A good day is eating dinner in peace with Albert because Abby is loving the new swing we borrowed from Cathy. I love my good days. It may not involve any physical activity yet but as Abby's neck gets stronger, I can almost see the day when I can plop her into the BOB stroller and go for a leisurely jog up Sand Hill Road. That too will be a good day.

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