Friday, September 01, 2006

Shooting Sand at Queen's Bath

Some people ask me if I prefer having a son to a daughter. On most occasions, I say that I would be excited about having either. But... there are moments where I look to the heavens and thank my lucky stars that I am having a daughter. Albert and I went up to the north shore of Kauai and encountered 4 boys who were literally diving off cliffs, not into a safe pond or lake, but into the raging waters of the ocean as the waves slammed into the sharp lava rocks. These kids would try to goad the more timid (and smarter) kids into doing these same insane acts. What is it about testosterone? At such a moment, Albert turns to me and says, "See? This is why I'd love to have a son some day." Hmmmmm....

And this kid's famous last words: "Shoot Sand!"

Not to be outdone by some 12 year olds, Albert was easily convinced to swim through an underwater tunnel closer to where I was snorkeling in an area called Queen's Bath. The kids helpfully noted that Albert would not get stuck because "they had seen someone fatter than him make it through".

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