Sunday, July 30, 2006

Albert outruns Ann by a whole second!

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It's amazing what you can accomplish before 8:30 in the morning on a Sunday. Today, Albert ran 13.2 miles before most people had gotten up to eat their morning scones. I dropped off Albert near the Ferry building and was there to cheer him on when he got to the finish line in Golden Gate Park. In fact, we woke up at 4:30AM so that Albert could be at the start at 5:30AM.

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I'd signed us both up a few months ago before I knew I was pregnant. When I initially found out, I was instructed by a nurse not to get my heart rate over 140. I'm sure that's easy for Lance Armstrong whose resting heart rate is something in the 30s but for someone whose heart beats as fast as a rabbit when she is typing, anything but a light walk would shoot my heart rate up beyond 150. So, as much as I love to run (let me be clear - there is not an ounce of sincerity in that statement) I decided I would stop until after the pregnancy. Well, subsequently, the doctor told me I could continue to do activities I had done pre-pregnancy until I felt uncomfortable but let's be honest - I've never been comfortable running. This is the girl who wrote in the Branford College face book that her motto was, "Whenever I feel the urge to exercise, I lie down until it goes away." I literally saw the inside of Payne Whitney Gym a grand total of 3 times during 4 years at Yale. I've come a long way since then. It all started when Julie and I decided to train for our very first 5k. We would call one another to brag that we had actually run for over a mile straight without walking. To tell you the truth, we chickened out of running that particular race but 2 years later we actually ran not only a 5k but also a 10k. Last year, I completed an Olympic triathlon.

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Albert has been my loyal training companion throughout it all. Even today, he took me along on his race since I'd signed up but couldn't race. He took my timing chip and put it on his other shoe so that I would have a recorded time. I ran really fast for having been over 20 weeks pregnant I might say. I was only disappointed that Albert didn't put his shoe with my timing chip over the finish line before the one with his. He ended up beating me by a second.

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